JAPAN IS HERE! 3. PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL  / BUDAPEST     2013/09/23-28                                                                          HU / ENG
    Trafó House of
    Contemporary Arts

    1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.
    Tel.: (1) 215-1600



BATA Rita, Festival Director

Many years ago when I first saw my master, Ko Murobushi, dancing, I couldn’t decide if I saw a human being or a kind of unidentifiable creature. I just had the feeling that time disappears, there are no borders, or even everything is balancing on the border; what is happening is true, agelessly true.

I am grateful that I was able to take this experiment through my way and I am pleased that our audience will have the chance to partake something similar at our third festival focusing on the art of Ko Murobushi.

Enjoy the programs.

ERTL Péter, Managing director, National Dance Theatre

For us as dancers dance is a genetic bid and the same time a medium to liberate the universal knowledge locked in the body. If the space of the dance is a sacred space, then butoh in this sacred space is the mysticism itself, where everything dilates to its atoms, slows down and oscillates with the particular noises of the universe.

I met this genre very long time ago. First I didn’t find it thrilling, but getting closer to it, it touched me deeply. This is why it is my great pleasure that after 2009 the National Dance Theatre can host the butoh oriented Japan is here! Performing Festival again.

Good to see the progress of the festival concept, the way it brings the philosophy of butoh and this body-oriented performing art genre closer to the European audience.

Butoh is diving into our deepest layers, breaking down the barriers, stretching the limits and experimenting. All these stand close to the new strategy of the National Dance Theatre that I had promised as the new director at the beginning of the year.

BARDA Beáta, Artistic director, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Where is Japan? Far away. And where are we? In Budapest – one could say open-handedly, in Trafó and/or in the National Dance Theatre. However, we can be quite certain of the fact that Japan will be here. The reason is neither the name of the festival nor the Japanese performers. It is rather the ones who had initiated and organised this festival. They not only know the world and the culture of Japan, but they have thoughts about it which they would like to share with us.
Let’s listen to them!