JAPAN IS HERE! 3. PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL  / BUDAPEST     2013/09/23-28                                                                          HU / ENG
    Trafó House of
    Contemporary Arts

    1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.
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National Dance Theatre


Experimental Body 1969-2013

Ko Murobushi is one of the best known and most acclaimed butoh artists in the world and is recognized in Japan as a leading inheritor of Tatsumi Hijikata’s original vision of butoh. He studied with Hijikata; briefly "giving up" dance to become a “Yamabushi” mountain monk, back into society he founded the butoh group DAIRAKUDAKAN together with Ushio Amagatsu, Akaji Maro and others. In 1974 he created the butoh magazine “Hageshii Kisetsu” (Violent Season) and founded a female butoh company “ARIADONE” with Carlotta Ikeda, and for which he did many choreographies. 2 years later he founded a similar only-male butoh group: SEBI. With a touring co-production of these two groups he introduced butoh to Europe.

The exhibition is open weekdays 11:00–18:00, weekends 13:00–18:00, and on performance days until the end of the show.

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